Having it all…

…means leaving LA. Leaving my community. Leaving my adopted home. And as excited as I am about this new chapter, the truth is I love it here, and I’m truly sad about moving, even to step into my long-awaited future. The spiral is turning again, and I have to retread my old steps with new intention, learn what I missed before. Journey with open eyes this time, seeing what I missed in my past incarnation. I’m going to live a new life in an old space…being present this time instead of dreaming of another life entirely. God help me. Help me continue to hear your voice and see your patterns. Help me love as fiercely as I do now. Help me keep myself whole. Help me find true friends for our new life. Help me do good, and not just do well. May this new chapter be the beginning of a great new story, filled with love and light. Amen.


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