Happy, happy new year!

Goodbye, 2013. You will be remembered as the year of new beginnings and revelations. The year I claimed my work as my own. The year I claimed my own power. The year I got what I thought I wanted, and it ripped my heart into pieces. The year I learned how to protect my own heart. The year I learned what true love looks like. The year my love came to me, because I listened to my instincts and followed my own twisty path.

Time for 2014 to begin. The year of fertility and fecundity, of prosperity and perception. The year of new threads added to the tapestry of our lives. The year of intertwining.

I don’t feel broken anymore. I feel ready to conquer the world. I feel like the best me I can possibly be. And thank God for that, and for the blessings of this year.

May all your dreams and wishes come true in 2014!



2 thoughts on “Happy, happy new year!

  1. I could hear in the pitch of his voice the happiness he was feeling. “Happy New Year!”, it was what I needed to welcome in the new year. My mom always went out on New Years Eve and always called us at midnight. It is what binds us. A love that transcends physicality. Knowing you are an intricate thread in the tapestry you spoke of is comforting. You are gold, woven into multicolored wool that surprises the knitter with an unknown, but beautiful outcome.

    One of the must moving exhibits I have seen was at the De Young museum; “The Quilts of Gee’s Bend”. These quilts originally made up of used work clothes from Gee’s Bend, Alabama by African American quilters was astonishing. What it made me feel was the loving care that was taken to worn, used pieces of fabric. Instead of a repetitive, precise design, these quilts followed an abstract pattern, similar to their lives. The irregular, the pieced together and the uncertainty of daily life shone in the completion of a very functional object. How sweet to wrap one’s beloved in such warmth.

    I too welcome 2014. I am happy you, Willow and Lilianna will be a part of a very good year!

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