Ok. I really mean it this time. Time to grow the f*** up. Well, maybe that’s a little harsh. But when I look at the ridiculous financial decisions I’ve made in my 20 years of adult (that is, post-high school) life, I just can’t believe that I’ve just been such a child.

I kept believing that if I just grew my income enough, then it would match my lifestyle at some point, and the finances would balance out. A holistic healer once told me that money is just another form of energy, that as it comes and goes, it mirrors the energy flows in my soul. And I have a very bad tendency to just let it slip out, flow out into the world without a care or thought to whether it depletes me.

And then there was the working myself to the bone phase, the cycle that left me feeling so broken I had to shut down completely and reboot, just to make it bearable. Never again.

So, starting this week, with this next cycle’s beginning, I have a new resolution and a concrete resolve. Grow up. Treat my energy with the respect it deserves, and start paying real attention to the flow. Time to be responsible for every choice, no matter how small.


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