Giving Notice

On my second day back, I turned in my 30-day notice. So, no backing out now. We are definitely moving. And thank God for that, because I really need to get out of here, for so many reasons, some physical, some metaphysical.

First of all, I can’t afford it anymore. I moved into a place at the top of my affordability range, and then every year for the past three, they’ve raised my rent.  I’m getting into a whole new range if I sign a lease for another year, and there’s just no way I can afford it. The universe is once again sending a very clear signal – don’t do this!

Second, there’s just a problem with the energy here, and it’s always been here, but I was so unbalanced when I moved in that I thought it was a good thing. Liked that it amplified whatever I was feeling. I needed that amplification, to learn how to set boundaries and deal with the aftermath of sadness and pain. But I’m tired now, tired of always negotiating the boundaries, tired of having to re-set every time I come home. And after the past two weeks of experiencing true equilibrium and positive, loving energy in my living space, I need to find somewhere in my home town that has that property, too.

And finally, there’s some people on my street that I just don’t want to run into. And that’s draining in and of itself, always wondering about that when I turn onto my street or go take a walk. I understand that the universe has its own plans and that if I’m meant to run into someone, I just will, and when that happens, it tends to make me laugh. But I think in this case…I’m just done.

It’s time to move on, and move out.



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