The Journey Continues…

I’m sitting in the airport in Philly, waiting to get on the longest airplane flight of my life (so far) to go to Tel Aviv, Israel. And I can’t believe how much has changed in the last five, four, even three years.

Just three years ago, I got my first passport at the tender age of 34, and went on my first international solo trip, all the way to Canada :). Four years ago, I was still seeing my very good friend every day (see True Friend on Cytherean Dreams) and I said to him that all I really wanted was a passport and to take at least one international trip. Five years ago, I was still scared to live on my own, couldn’t even conceive of travelling internationally on my own, convinced that only other, stronger women did that.

So here I am now. I’m that stronger woman. I’m doing this because of my own merit, sent from my work to represent us and what we do. Standing alone, with my name known, on stage in front of international peers.

I am so thankful to be here, so grateful for my family and friends who are doing all they can to keep the home fires burning while I’m on this Journey.

But they’re calling my number (lucky number 6), and it’s time to fly.


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