A Good Start

I didn’t plan it this way when we booked the trip months ago, but it turned out, I traveled to Mexico under a full moon. Now, I love full moons. I’ve always loved the moon, and these past few years, as I’ve learned about metaphysical energy and become more and more mystical over time, the moon has just grown in importance to me. My favorite stone is even the moonstone. And when I decided to change my Hebrew name last year to mark this transition into a new year, I changed it to Levana, which means whiteness and purity and moon and all of those wonderful things. Since then I’ve changed it further, adding the name I was born under, to become Sarai Levana in my tribe.

But I digress (what else is new?)…the point is, I started this Journey under a full moon. And last night, as we dined on the beach, it was simply one the most magical moonrises I’ve ever seen.

A huge orange harvest moon rose up out of the ocean. Incredible on it’s own for about an hour. And then it transformed into white, and lit up the entire ocean below. A postcard picture of sparkling water under a perfect white full moon. Yes, I wrote a new poem about it (Moonlight, on www.cythereandreams.wordpress.com) Yes, I got a picture, which I can’t post just yet (technical difficulties), because you really need to see this. But the picture just won’t match the magic of the moment…it was truly stunning.

So that’s a good omen and good start if I ever saw one. Life is full of beauty and wonder…something to take with me for those stressful moments.


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