Why I’m Awesome

So, I was just invited to join my first havurah (a group of people affiliated with a Jewish congregation who meet and have fun outside of the temple). This one’s for people in their 20s and early 30s, with no kids, and they call themselves the “Awesome” havurah. I’m now officially Awesome! And I’m pretty happy about it. Because last year, my best friends at my temple had told me that they were forming the group. And they hoped I understood why I wasn’t invited to join, which  I did, because I’m 37 with two daughters, and I just didn’t fit even though we’re all good friends. Also, I was part of a group of religious school parents trying to create a havurah too, and that was fine, but that group just never gelled.

In the meantime, the Awesome havurah took off.  They held a bonfire on the beach, went ice skating, lots of fun stuff. And this past week, they officially issued the invitation to me to join them. Why? Because they missed me. Doing all these fun things, they kept wanting me to be there. So even though I’m older and have children and just don’t fit their official charter, they missed me. And now I’m Awesome, too.

It’s just another sign to me that I’ve found my place, deepening my ties here.   Ok, so I’m seven to thirteen years older than everyone, and have two kids – they still think I’m Awesome. And I think it’s pretty awesome being the exception to the rule.


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