No whining now

I feel really guilty for being upset about being overworked, because I know more than anyone how many people are still out of work. Never mind that I’m a policy researcher and I use the change in unemployment over the course of time as one of my contextual-level (that is, relating to the community) variables.

My ex-husband lost his job last September, and has been unemployed, pretty much, ever since. Small jobs here and there, but nothing permanent. He might have to move across the country so he can live with his family, just because he can’t afford to do anything else. My uncle has been unemployed for over a year at a time during this recession. So what the hell am I doing complaining about all the work I have to do? I should be, and am, grateful that someone wants to pay me to do work that I like to do.

Still, all that’s running through my head is that I’m going to work myself into the ground with all of this. And that is definitely not where I want to be. I don’t want to be this workaholic person…and I can’t pretend that it’s worth it for the money. It’s not.

So no more whining. But no more putting myself through this, either.


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