Half of one half done

I currently have three separate jobs. All relating to one career, but three distinct jobs with their own responsibilities, different people to answer to, different timelines which of course all converge as much as they possibly can. This is unsustainable and won’t last for much longer (end of June is when one ends) but for now, it’s there.

So it’s a small victory when I finish one half of the four major assignments I have this week…for only one job. I still have 5 online discussions to monitor and participate in, 5 discussions from the previous week to grade (for about 60 students), and one group project to grade (for about 9 groups). And the other two major assignments still are looming.

I haven’t been under this much pressure since the week I had to revise my dissertation, including running a whole new set of statistical models and writing up that entire chapter, in one week. One week. Also in May, four years ago. And at the end of that week, on June 1st, I went home and packed up in one weekend and moved me and my children to our new townhome, leaving their father in the one we had bought together four years earlier.

Last May was no picnic, either. I have a poem on my other blog called, appropriately, “Broken” about a truly horrible day at the end of May. When it ends with an earthquake and I just laugh at it, because of the incredible irony, you know that’s a really bad day.

Ok, for some reason, thinking about all those other really ridiculously stressful days in previous Mays is helping. This one is…doable. Not wonderful, not a time period I ever want to re-live, but doable. And now I need to leave my three jobs behind and go do the most important one – grocery shopping to make sure there’s food in the house to be able to pack lunches for my children tomorrow, since we ran out of some staples this morning. The hugs when I pick them from their after-school programs will make the world brighter, no question.


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